Chinese Journal of Medical History / Zhong Hua Yi Shi Za Zhi

[This article belongs to Volume - 52, Issue - 5]

Abstract :

The North China Medical College typically represented medical colleges for traditional Chinese medicine in the 1930s when many of them were set up. It was based on the principles of centring on traditional Chinese medicine, following western medicine and integrated medicine in teaching. This led to the emergence of a great number of people with a high level of traditional Chinese medicine and strong belief in it. In terms of the textbooks and handouts for western medicine, compared to similar textbooks in other medical colleges, such as the Medical College of Xie He, at that time, the textbooks in the North China Medical College covered a variety of perspectives and categories. It was found that 20 textbooks for western medicine in the North China Medical College were designed reasonably in content and were simple and applicable in teaching. More importantly, it contained some traditional Chinese medicine in different degrees, with its typical characteristics. The course design and textbook compilation provided references for the teaching in contemporary medical universities