Chinese Journal of Medical History / Zhong Hua Yi Shi Za Zhi

[This article belongs to Volume - 51, Issue - 1]

Abstract :

Bencao Tujing (Illustration Classics for Materia Medica) occupies an irreplaceable academic position in the academic history of Chinese Materia Medica. It was written in the early Song Dynasty. The contents of Chinese medical books before Song Dynasty have not been revised by Song Dynasty officials, and the original appearance of earlier documents have been preserved. Domestic and foreign scholars mainly focus on the textual research of Chinese Materia medica patterns, and academic value research. The special research on the Lost ancient Chinese medical books were relatively rare. According to the names of"XX Fang"or"Someone Fang"in Bencao Tujing, about 46 kinds of Lost ancient Chinese medical books have been found. Taking Wei Zhou's Du Xing Fang, Liu Yuxi's Chuan Xin Fang, Tian Bao Dan Fang Tu (Tian Bao Dan Xing Fang) as examples, it is found that Lost ancient Chinese medical books recorded in Bencao Tujing have abundant materials and clear clues, which have further exploration space for the research and collection of Chinese medical books