Chinese Journal of Medical History / Zhong Hua Yi Shi Za Zhi

[This article belongs to Volume - 53, Issue - 01]

Abstract : This study aims to evaluate the assess vision therapy efficacy on convergence insufficiency symptoms survey (CISS) among children with myopic and non-strabismic binocular vision anomalies (NSBVA). This population based cross-sectional clinical investigation was performed at a school. A baseline vision examination was done to diagnose myopia among children, and a comprehensive binocular vision evaluation and CISS were done on the myopic children. Vision therapy (VT) of 10 sessions was provided (1hr/day) for binocular vision anomalies whose CISS score was >16. The VT consisted of a life saver card, accommodative heart chart, accommodative flippers with word rock card, and brock’s string. CISS was assessed on the 11th day as a post-test. This study comprised 150 myopic children, ages 10 to 17, with a mean (SD) age of 14.7 (2.0) years. 75 in the experimental and control group. The result was analyzed with two-way repeated measures (RM) ANOVA for one-factor repetition and T-test using Bonferroni for post-hoc repeated measures The control group showed negligible changes in the CISS. The experimental group showed a 36.8% decrease in the score (p<0.001). The present study demonstrates that VT is effective in decreasing the convergence insufficiency symptoms score among children with NSBVA.