Chinese Journal of Medical History / Zhong Hua Yi Shi Za Zhi

[This article belongs to Volume - 53, Issue - 02]

Abstract : Several vaccines have been approved and widely used in many countries around the world. The aim of this study is to evaluate vaccine efficacy on clinical and para-clinical parameters, as well as in reinfected patients. Clinical and para-clinical parameters were determined in the study population. Results: A total of 3108 eligible patients with confirmed SARS-Cov2 infection were included in this study. The age of the population ranged from 18 to 99 years with a median age of 43 years [33-58]. Overall, 49% of patients were male (1524/3108) and 51% (1584/3108) were female with a sex ratio of 0.96. Most recruited patients were not aware about the origin of the contamination (86.2%) whereas familial and professional contaminations were reported in 7.9% and 5.8%, respectively. Our results showed that among vaccinated patients, the majority (74.4%) had taken 2 doses of vaccine, and that symptoms persisted in all patients regardless of vaccine type. In a sample of patients who were reinfected and vaccinated, their viral load was 24.8, and symptoms such as cough, asthenia, myalgia and headache were observed. Although COVID-19 vaccines have shown great efficacy in preventing severe infections and reducing symptoms in most vaccinated individuals, there are cases where some patients continue to present persistent symptoms despite their vaccination status.