Chinese Journal of Medical History / Zhong Hua Yi Shi Za Zhi

[This article belongs to Volume - 52, Issue - 5]

Abstract :

The cholera epidemic in 1919 started from coastal cities in the south of China and the cities near Russia in the north. It centered on those cities with relatively developed economies with well-developed transportation, and spread along railway lines and coastal lines in both directions to the North and the South, based on the reports in Ta Kung Pao. It covered 14 provinces, the municipalities under the Central Government and the special administrative regions. To prevent and control the 1919 cholera epidemic, the Republic of China government took some effective measures, such as reminding people of prevention, providing medical assistance, controlling the flow of people and cutting off transmission routes. It was found that some serious issues were exposed in the process of preventing and controlling the 1919 cholera epidemic, such as corrupt government, the ignorance of part of the population and poor medical services and technology. Analysing the historical materials of the 1919 cholera epidemic and summarising its experience and lessons in Ta Kung Pao can provide references for future epidemic prevention and control